NJCAA Expands Social Media Coverage

NJCAA Expands Social Media Coverage

Rochester, Mn-

As the 2018-19 athletic and academic year kicks off across the Minnesota College Athletic Conference, fans and followers of member colleges will have the opportunity to keep track of news and happenings on their favorite social media feeds at the national level.

This week, the NJCAA  introduced its new social media platforms to help promote the success of 60,000 student-athletes across the country. Ten new Twitter accounts will debut in 2018 as will a redesigned LinkedIn page platform. Both initiatives are designed to improve and streamline sport-specific branding opportunities across the Association.

For the full NJCAA press release, please visit: http://www.njcaa.org/general/2018-19/releases/20180806ziz3fg

More information on the Minnesota College Athletic Conference, is available at: http://www.mcacsports.org/landing/index

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About the Minnesota College Athletic Conference

The Minnesota College Athletic Conference is the organizational body for NJCAA-affiliated two-year technical and community college athletic programs in the Minnesota State system.  The mission of the Minnesota College Athletic Conference is to advance intercollegiate athletics by providing an engaging and supportive environment for success of our student athletes and competition among member institutions.  The MCAC is committed to the guiding principles of encouraging the development and success of student athletes, promoting the integrity, honesty and loyalty to member schools as well as upholding the sustainability of conference athletic programs.

For more information, visit www.mcacsports.org