Gopher Sport to Sponsor Coach-of-the-Year Awards in the Minnesota College Athletic Conference

Gopher Sport to Sponsor Coach-of-the-Year Awards in the Minnesota College Athletic Conference

Rochester, Mn-

The 2017-18 Minnesota College Athletic Conference sports season won't begin until August, with the MCAC volleyball, football and soccer seasons slated to get underway at that time.  However, the coaches of those programs are likely already in the planning phase of pre-season;  crafting practices, conducting film review and engaging in the behind-the-scenes work that accompanies college coaching. 

Beginning with the upcoming fall sport seasons, MCAC coaches will have a new corporate partner in this endeavor, as the Minnesota College Athletic Conference and Gopher Sport have recently announced a partnership designed to assist and recognize the top coaches in the league. 

Gopher Sport, based in Owatonna, is an industry leader in Physical Education, sports and fitness equipment.  Gopher Sport is dedicated to providing programs and departments with the products to improve fitness, develop skills, create fun and reach a high standard of learning and living. Gopher Sport has diligently served teachers, coaches and athletic directors around the world for over 65 years. 

Gopher Sport has stepped up to sponsor the Coach-of-the-Year awards allocated to the various top mentors in each MCAC sport over the course of the 2017-18 academic year.  Annually, the MCAC recognizes over fifteen Coaches-of-the-Year and the partnership with Gopher Sport is a natural progression of that process.   Coaches in the Minnesota College Athletic Conference who earn Coach-of-the-Year accolades do so based on the votes of their peers, and the MCAC/Gopher Sport partnership will help increase the recognition of leaders who guide their programs to success on and off the field, courts or mats. 

"It was natural for us to look to partner with a Minnesota-based company which is already well known and established to many professionals in our Conference",  noted Peter Watkins, the director of the Minnesota College Athletic Conference. "Gopher Sport is a progressive leader in many of the areas that our coaches, athletic directors and physical educators work in every day. Good coaching and teaching is a craft, and Gopher Sport will be a great partner in helping our people excel in teaching the pursuit of sport, physical education and fitness.  We are proud to be partnering with Gopher Sport." 

One element of this partnership is that all members of the Minnesota College Athletic Conference will receive exclusive pricing and shipping incentives on most Gopher Sport products.  Many coaches in the MCAC also serve as athletic directors and/or physical education instructors at their colleges and most are viewed as expert leaders in their particular sports; Gopher Sport recognizes the value that these individuals bring to a healthy and vibrant sport life in many Minnesota communities.

According to Shane Leverenz, Regional Sales Manager at Gopher Sport- "Here at Gopher Sport we're always looking for ways to fulfill our mission of getting people physically active, confident in movement, and inspiring lifelong wellness.  This opportunity to partner with the Minnesota College Athletic Conference obviously fulfills a piece of that mission and gives us a chance to connect with our local and regional sports programs and professionals.  We couldn't be more excited!"

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Story courtesy of MCAC Sports