MCAC Baseball All-Northern Division

MCAC Baseball All-Northern Division

Rochester, MN-

As both the Minnesota College Athletic Conference baseball season heads into post-season mode in the middle of May, MCAC coaches took time to recognize the top performers in each five-team Division. 

The Northern Division honorees, topped by Division Player-of-the-Year Tanner Shepard (Itasca) and Division Coach-of-the-Year Josh Koenig (Rainy River CC), are as follows: 

2018 MCAC 

All-Northern Division  First Team 
  Pitcher   Brady Beyl Itasca Community College 
Pitcher Kevin Alicea Rainy River Community College 
Pitcher  Tristan Lawrence Rainy River Community College College 
Catcher Tanner Shepard %  Itasca Community College 
Infield Anthony Azor Itasca Community College 
Infield  Keanu Calamayan Rainy River Community College 
Infield Louis Aguinaga  Hibbing Community College
Infield  Brad MacDougall Mesabi Range College
 Infield  Lukas Adelman Vermilion Community College 
Outfield John Baker  Itasca Community College  
Outfield Isaac Roderiqeuz Itasca Community College 
Outfield  Luis Rodriguez Rainy River Community College 
Designated Hitter  Joe Lescarbeau  Hibbing Community College 
Coach of the Year Josh Koenig Rainy River Community College 

% - Division Player-of-the-Year

2018 MCAC    All-Northern Division                   Honorable Mention 
Outfield  Evan Jerome Hibbing Community College
Infield   Dylan Montagna Hibbing Community College 
Pitcher Chanler Dilday Hibbing Community College 
Pitcher Lane Gerber Itasca Community College
Infield Christian Houle Mesabi Range College
Catcher David Ochoa Mesabi Range College 
Pitcher  Jonathan Castellanos Rainy River Community College
Pitcher Giovanni Romo Rainy River Community College 
Catcher Robert Ermel Rainy River Community College 
Outfield Jared Kromminga Rainy River Community College
 Pitcher / OF Connor Knetel Vermilion Community College 
Catcher / SS  Dakota Schafer Vermilion Community College
 Outfield/Pitcher Clayton Gallus  Vermilion Community College


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