NJCAA Honors MCAC and Region XIII Administrators

NJCAA Honors MCAC and Region XIII Administrators

Rochester, Mn


The National Junior College Athletic Association recently honored two women in coaching and sport administration who have impacted three generations of student-athletes in the Minnesota College Athletic Conference, as well as an integral leader within the men's sports of Region XIII. 

Former Rochester Community & Technical College athletic director and coach, Jean Musgjerd, was tabbed with two distinctions.  The NJCAA recognized Musgjerd's 15 years of service in her many roles at RCTC with a NJCAA Service Medal, which are awarded to individuals who have served as region director, assistant region director, officer or similar position.  Additionally, Musgjerd was highlighted as one of two influential Region XIII leaders who have announced their retirement from service to the NJCAA at the end of the current academic year. 

Rainy River Community College head volleyball coach and athletic coordinator, Mel Millerbernd also claimed the double award this past week.  Like Musjerd, Millerbernd was recognized by NJCAA with a Service Medal for 15 years of service in her many roles, most recently serving as the assistant region director for women's sports in Region XIII.  Additionally, Millerbernd will be retiring from NJCAA service at the end of the 2018 academic year, an achievement also noted by the National office. 

Both Musgjerd and Millerbernd have worn many hats in their long and distinguished careers at RCTC and Rainy River, including serving as athetic directors, classroom faculty members, head coaches and mentors for dozens of athletes and peers throughout the NJCAA.  

Additionally, NJCAA Region XIII men's director Buster Gilliss also was honored by the NJCAA for 15 years of dedication to his roles.  Gilliss -  athletic director and men's basketball coach at Bismarck State College -  oversees several of the men's Region XIII championship events and helps guide sport code and administrative processes within the Region.  Gilliss will continue in his dual roles for Bismarck State College and the NJCAA Region XIII. 


(Jean Musgjerd, RCTC)           (Mel Millerbernd, Rainy River)   (Buster Gilliss, Bismarck State)

For more on the recent NJCAA National Awards Dinner, including individual awards, highlights and more, please visit: http://www.njcaa.org/general/2017-18/releases/20180409jgv02h


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About the Minnesota College Athletic Conference

The Minnesota College Athletic Conference is the organizational body for NJCAA-affiliated two-year technical and community college athletic programs in the Minnesota State system.  The mission of the Minnesota College Athletic Conference is to advance intercollegiate athletics by providing an engaging and supportive environment for success of our student athletes and competition among member institutions.  The MCAC is committed to the guiding principles of encouraging the development and success of student athletes, promoting the integrity, honesty and loyalty to member schools as well as upholding the sustainability of conference athletic programs.